Khamis, 17 September 2009

iMpossible iS noThiNg!!!

Mohd Zamani Mustarudin.

Nicknamed "BlackY" because as you can see, he is, well... quite dark.
He's 20-years old and comes from Gerik, Perak a Northern town in Peninsula Malaysia famous as a start or finish point for stages in the country's biggest races like Le Tour de Langkawi and Jelajah Malaysia.
Zamani was regarded as one of the most promising juniors in his time, especially in 2006 and 2007 when he dominated the time trials and road races in the National Junior Circuit, winning all the time trial in the eight rounds of the series, emerging the overall individual champion. He's yet to be fully exposed outside of Malaysia, having only just been roped into the elite squad under Australian coach John Beasley, based in Melbourne. His biggest achievements on the international stage are still as a junior, with a BRONZE medal to his credit in the criterium at the Australian Youth Olympic Games and two GOLD medals in the road race and individual time trial at the Arafura Games, both in 2007..

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